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Terms and Conditions


By using this website to place an order and/or to finalise a purchase with Mavericks Western Wear Rockhampton (Mavericks), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. All orders placed via this website must be done in good faith and are considered to be a contract to buy.

Legal agreement

By ordering products from this website you agree that possession of such goods breaks no law in your country, state or territory and that no laws will be broken by shipping the goods to your country, state or territory.

All brand names and logos used in this website remain the property of their respective owners. All images on this website are either the property of Mavericks or of their respective owners, which ever is applicable. No deep linking to pages or embedding of images from this site is allowed except bysearch engines which provide such functionality for the sole purpose of providing search results to the general internet public.

Unauthorrized Transactions

It is your responsibility to prevent unauthorized transactions on our website, including keeping your card, pin and password safe/secret. Mavericks cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions which occur without our knowledge. If you find something wrong, then you need to contact your bank as soon as possible.


Payment in full must be received and verified before any goods are shipped. Payments are to be made in Australian dollars ($AUD), and must include all shipping and handling costs as well as all applicable taxes (such as GST). Payments may be made via the National Bank SIPS payment gateway, however alternative methods of payment may be arranged by contacting Mavericks. Please keep your invoice as it may be used as proof of purchase, To assist us with tracking and verifying your order, please provide us with your invoice number with all communications. When paying via the National Bank SIPS payment gateway, you deal directly with the National to make the payment, and at no time do we see your credit card details. Your session with the National is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, and your credit card and personal details are encrypted when transmitted over the internet.


Prices listed on the website are in Australian dollars ($AUD) and include GST, but do not include shipping and handling costs, which are applied in the checkout process. Payments will only be accepted in $AUD.

Product and shipping pricing may change without notice. In the event that there is a difference between the invoiced price of an item and the price shown on the website, the invoiced amount will be considered more accurate, except in the situation where the invoiced amount was deemed incorrect at the time that the order was placed. In this situation, you will be contacted directly and further steps will be taken to resolve the issue. The same applies to shipping and handling costs.