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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy forms part of the terms and conditions of the use of this site and must be read in conjunction with that document.

Mavericks Western Wear Rockhampton (Mavericks) recognises that privacy is important to individuals and businesses alike. As such, any personal information that you may provide to Mavericks via this website and other forms of communication will be used for the sole purpose of conducting business with you, and except where legally required all such information will be treated as private and in the strictest of confidence.

If you have any particular concern or query about your personal information that is held by us, or about what we do with that information, please contact us at 161 Canning Street, Allenstown,Rockhampton QLD 4700, or phone us on 07 4921 0622 or +617 4921 0622 (international).

Nature of our business

Mavericks is primarily a retailer. We have direct operations over most of Queensland, and provide our service and products across Australia and the world. We have built a reputation for quality clothing, rodeo equipment, saddlery and accessories, as well as for great service, knowledge and experience.

Collecting information

Due to the nature of our online business, it is necessary to collect information from customers. For the purpose of completing a transaction, this information is considered personal and private. We will never use this information in an intrusive manner, nor will this information be used or obtained inappropriately. Information about sales is only used in the analysis of trends and business performance, to build our business and thus to provide a better level of service to our customers. Sales information is not linked to you personally, and is not used to target you with promotional information based on your history.

Access to your personal information

In accordance with privacy laws, we give you access to the personal information that we hold so that you can correct any invalid information. Not all of this information may be held and modified online, please contact us if this is of concern. While this website is online and operational, you may log on to the website using the username and password that you requested or that you were provided with and change your personal information, including the ability to add, remove or modify any mailing list subscriptions.

Unauthorrized Transactions

It is your responsibility to prevent unauthorized transactions on our website, including keeping your card, pin and password safe/secret. Mavericks cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions which occur without our knowledge. If you find something wrong, then you need to contact your bank as soon as possible.