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Returns & Exchanges

Rockhampton Mavericks Western Wear does not offer cash refunds for non-disputed transactions under any circumstances. All sales are final and only valid returns (such as for faults, incorrect products, wrong size, etc) will be replaced or a credited (for the original invoiced value of the product). You must contact Rockhampton Mavericks with a description of the problem and receive authorisation from Rockhampton Mavericks before returning any products. The return address will be provided with this authorisation. Returns must include all original packaging, manuals, accessories, etc. Shipping of the product(s) to Rockhampton Mavericks must be paid for by you. If the reason for return is found to be your responsibility (for example ordering an incorrect product, wrong size or colour, etc), return costs will be paid for by you. If a product is not found to be defective, incorrect, etc., it will be shipped back to you at your expense. If in any situation you refuse to pay additional costs including postage and handling, Rockhampton Mavericks will hold the product(s) until those costs are met.

The time taken to return or exchange the products will depend on factors such as normal shipping time, restocking, and our supplier's returns procedures.

Rockhampton Mavericks Western Wear accepts no responsibility for products that are damaged, stolen or lost during shipping.

Transactions that are disputed (e.g., transactions believed to be made using a stolen credit card) will be taken up with our payment gateway provider (National Australia Bank) and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Any transaction that is disputed will stop the order process until the matter is resolved.