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Rockhampton Mavericks Western Wear - Misc Terms 


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Mavericks will never knowingly provide third parties with your personal information, including sales history, except for the purposes of completing a financial transaction, organising shipping, complying with our tax reporting obligations, or where directed to by law. Order information will be provided to the National Bank SIPS payment gateway where your transaction can be completed securely, and no specific information regarding the transaction details (such as credit card details) is provided back to us. Cookies are also required to complete the transaction within the payment gateway, however these cookies are secure and your information is safe. The courier (usually Australia Post) must be provided with the delivery address along with a description of the order contents. All information provided to government and law enforcement agencies will be restricted to the minimum required by law. Mavericks will never sell or provide your email address or phone number to any third party except as noted above.